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One last heave ho...

tiggaby tiggaOct 3rd 2010
This has been the longest of seasons for me in a very long time, first race was early March and I still have more last dig at a duathlon in 5 weeks time.

Yes yes yes.... it's the Ballbuster. It's a fantastic season ending hard as nail race that always brings out the seasoned duathletes, the odd trigeek and even been known to draw the attention of some decent runners and cyclist alike. This year will be no exception I'm sure, so I have my work cut out for me as I get closer to race day. I've been known to perform a rain dance in the week leading up to this race and this year will be no different. It gives me a slight cyclist advantage, but on a very very good day with dry roads I could see if the course record is within my capabliities. If I compare myself to this time last year I'm in a far better place. No torn calf, no illness and a surprisingly good leg turnover after a year of long distance races. Run 3-4mins quicker between the two runs is possible, bike a minute or two quicker and I'll get close. The added incentive this year is obviously another win, but it would mean a win of this epic race three years in a row and also another win in 3rd different decade... all silly statistics, but I've been at this game a long time now so I need selfish silly things to get my ass training as the wet and windy October days turn into longer nights than days.

It's been over 15 years in the sport since my first duathlon. I remember my rusty steel bike with toes clips and lace up shoes I bought for six hundred South African Rands, that would be 60squids. A Panasonic DX9000! A cycle computer was a luxury, flash wheels were a dream... even a second pair of cycling shorts was a tall order when doing the sport with no money to begin with. Eventually though, I had to get another pair of cycle shorts as my one and only pair wore pretty thin and my training buddies who'd got me into the sport to begin with, and who's backsides I spent many hours staring at whilst chewing my handlebars 'on the rivet'! Now I'd improved enough to make it my backside the focal point of my training buddies long rides.... hahaha, 'not pretty' I was told?
Anyways, technology has moved on in cycling, GPS, powermeter, stiff as hell bikes that can weigh less than 7kg, the list is endless. At the end of the day it does boils down to who has trained the smartest, the hardest and can pull it off on the day. No different to when I first started way back in 1995.

More recent developments for me too is joining up with RGactive as a coach. I have managed to help a few mates along the way to their own multisport goals over the past year or two and thoroughly enjoyed it. I figured it was time to put all the experience, knowledge to use now and I suppose 20 years of self coached and full time working/career success doesn't come without knowing a little bit about finding the right formula as an athlete. I really am looking forward to working with RGactive, and in time I'll end up doing some form of coaching course and hopefully get more involved in that side of the sport.

My next post will probably be post Ballbuster? or maybe a sneaky short one before so I can give you a list of excuses, just in case I get beaten. I am almost certain to get race number '1'... and it's a bit of a bogey number with which I've never won a race wearing! See there's my first excuse already;-)

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