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team pocock

Raring to go

timPby timPDec 28th 2013
It's been a little while since the last entry. The Tri season, in the UK at least has come and gone and the days are short, wet and cold but I’m raring to get going again!

It took a long time to get over the post Ironman blues, for the best part of 8 months everything was leading to that one day and then it was over. Suddenly training had no focus anymore and although I had races to complete they became ‘fun’ events with no concern about the outcome. This isn’t me! Although I am far from challenging for the win, I treat races seriously and continually strive to improve so it was a pretty strange feeling.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have been surprised to have fallen into a void, I had been advised to have a post Ironman plan but didn’t pay sufficient heed. To be honest it has probably been a good thing as although my body seemed to recover pretty well it is now obvious that my mind needed a lot longer.

So the training has been in maintenance mode for the past couple of months, nothing dramatic, just nice steady consistent efforts to maintain fitness. The brain however has been in overdrive sorting out next seasons races.

Two basic requirements (realities!) have guided the selection:-

- To support Debbie in her remaining 4 challenges
- To be realistic about the volume of training that I can complete

So that rules out another Iron distance race in 2014 and instead my focus will be a pair of middle distance races. It will also be an opportunity to try something new and in this case our first Ultra Marathon albeit 'only' 52k. The line-up so far is below:-

Longleat 10k (with Debbie)
Bath Half Marathon
Night Terror 10k (with Debbie)
White Horse Challenge Sportive
Burnham on Sea Supersprint Tri
Cotswold 113 Middle distance
Race to the Stones Ultra (with Debbie)
Thunder Run (with Debbie)
Vitruvian Middle distance
Challenge Weymouth Relay (Swim & Bike with Debbie running the marathon)
Berlin Marathon (with Debbie)

Hopefully I'll be able to fit a few more local tri's into the mix, probably some of the excellent DB Max events. With a list like that its little wonder I'm raring to go I'm even getting excited writing this post.

But before I start on next season there are a few thank you's for this seasons campaign.

First and foremost a huge thank you to Debbie who has come and supported me at every race that I have done. I don't think she realises how much that means to me but it is absolutely invaluable and I love her to bits for it.

The Triathlon Shop has provided fantastic support and encouragement through the entire year. They are a great bunch of guys and girls, all competitors in their own right and being part of their race team has been a real honour.

Kim Ingleby at Energised Performance who has looked after my mind and body throughout the year. For anyone looking to gain a competitive edge I really recommend Kim and her Mental Strength Programme, unless of course you are in my age group, in which case forget everything I said :)

Finally two good friends, Chrissie Waple who came and supported us at Outlaw and looked after me at Ironman UK and Dave Gray who looked after us both at Outlaw and was a great travelling companion during other races in the year.

For me that's one of the best things about Triathlon and sport in general, the good friends that you make along the way.

That's it for 2013, look forward to seeing you all in 2014.
Raring to go
No apologies for including this photo again, Debbie and Chrissie just after I had dropped my bike into T1 at Pennington Flash.
Raring to go
Dave proudly sporting his Outlaw finishers T-shirt just prior to the start of this years event.
twiggyby member: twiggy, Jan 5th 2014 20:44
Looking forward to the next year and seeing what you can achieve Mr Pocock :)
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