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team pocock

Season wrap up - #RememberBen

timPby timPOct 7th 2015
Season wrap up - #RememberBen
So it is pretty much the end of the season for us, we have a few small running races to complete but they are low key and for fun only. Our three big events, Challenge Weymouth, Thunder Run and Cotswold 226 are now distant memories represented by numerous photographs almost always with a smiling face. The hours of training, the early mornings and late nights, bike rides and runs in monsoon conditions and the highs and lows of the events themselves conveniently forgotten as our thoughts turn towards future events and the desire to form a plan for 2016.

But before consigning our 2015 efforts to the history book I thought it would be good to take a moment to reflect on what we had achieved during the year.

Firstly and most importantly we signed up for these three events to celebrate the life of our 20 year nephew Ben, who was sadly killed along with 297 others on flight MH17. We also hoped by completing them and writing about our experiences it would help to keep his memory alive. The events themselves were definitely a challenge for us and I hope we made Ben proud by our efforts. We managed to talk to a number of people at the events themselves and shared a little bit of Ben’s story and hence our motivation for being there. The fact that you, along with 3196 others (to date) have read this and the other 7 blogs has also helped to share his story.

Secondly we set out to raise a little bit of money for the two charities chosen by his parents in the aftermath of the crash. Conscious of all of the other fundraising efforts being undertaken in his name we selected a modest target but I’m pleased to be able to say that thanks to 45 generous donors we have managed to exceed our target.

Thirdly we set out to enjoy ourselves and be grateful for the opportunities available to us that he, sadly no longer has. Very important to that is the support we have received from friends and family whilst we undertook and completed our challenges together with the new friends that we made along the way.

Finally a few statistics from the summer:-

We covered a total of 692km (432 miles) during the three events in a total time of 52.5 hours

Of that total, Debbie and I covered a combined total of 502km (313 miles), the remainder being run by our wonderful Thunder Run team mates.

Of the grand total 7.6km were swimming, 360km cycling and the remainder running.

That equates to approximately 6000 strokes of swimming, 59000 pedal revolutions and 316000 steps

Between us we managed approximately 415 hours of training to get ourselves ready for the 3 events.

Time to get back to planning for next year now; we've both had the "sorry you've been unsuccessful" email from the London marathon ballot so that won't be figuring in the list but there are plenty more options so I'm sure that we'll sort out a suitably challenging schedule.

I hope that you have all had successful and enjoyable seasons and maybe our paths will cross at an event next year.
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