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Snow, snow, snow #RememberBen

timPby timPMar 4th 2018
As the Bath Half marathon has been cancelled due to the adverse weather it gives me a couple of hours to write a short update. Looking out of the window at the sun shining and even our side road now pretty much clear of snow the decision to cancel does seem to be a little premature. I understand that the organisers have a tough call to make but maybe waiting until Saturday morning would have been best.
As it happens I hadn't planned to run Bath this year anyway, I had run it 11 succesive years and decided enough was enough so I was pretty surprised to get home from a couple of days away and find a letter from the Bath Half waiting on the mat. Debbie opened it up and sure enough there was a bib with my name on it and a timing chip. 5 minutes of 'discussions' ensued with me accusing Debbie of putting in a secret entry and her doing the same. A visit to the website soon revealed that Debbie had in fact entered me back in April 17 and I had received an email confirmation so it turns out we had both forgotten!
Having come to terms with an entry I'm disappointed not to be running but with only 5 weeks of preparation it was only ever going to be a hard training session.
The good news is that training is still going pretty well after a slow start after the Christmas bug that was going round. Debbie is managing to get in some consistent miles which will hopefully continue and increase as the weather gets better. Even better is that her breathing has not been too bad even with the quite cold weather that we have experienced.
I have managed a couple of 10k races, the first at Longleat run by 209 events. I have completed this a couple of times before and it is a good hard route with a fair bit of climbing. A long way off of my best 10k time but I felt I had a pretty good run and tackled the hills well. It was nice to catch up with Kim Ingleby at the race and fabulous that she ran her fastest 10k since contracting Weils disease in 2013.
Longleat 10k
I also ran the Back to black 10k on the trails in Leigh woods near Bristol. This is a night race and was great fun last year. This year got off to a bad start as Debbie took a tumble walking me to the start line and banged up her knee. The race itself started well and then after about 2.5km we met a lot of lights coming back towards us; we had all been sent the wrong way! Probably only an extra 3-400m in total but the big problem was that there was a kissing gate at approximately 3km and now there were about 200 people queuing to get through. My watch showed that I'd been stopped for 4 minutes so coupled with the extra distance this was never going to be a fast time. That said once again it was a very enjoyable event and I felt I ran the hills very well, nice to see a bit of strength coming back.
Snow, snow, snow #RememberBen
Supporting is dangerous!
So the next few months will be concentrating on increasing the run mileage for both of us whilst still keeping the swimming and cycling ticking over for me.

Hope the start of the season goes well and I'll update our progress in a month or so.
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