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Transition trainee
This will be my first full season of competing in triathlons after a full set of winter training, follow me and enjoy my ups and downs.

Night off.

transitiontraneeby transitiontraneeFeb 14th 2012
Well tuesdays are my night to relax which happly mrs transition was pleased about (given what today is). i was glad of the rest and so was my knee which is still being grumpy from my first half-marathon 2 weeks ago.

given he grumpy knee i have been concentrating on my swimming programme and only running short distances on 3 day intervals, what i cant get to grips with is the feelings of guilt for not running. i honestly did not think i would actually miss not being able to do long distance runs, the way i am beating myself up for not running you would think i was an olympic champion.

the rest of the weeks programme is geared towards a long run/bike brick session on saturday, i look forward to these now that i have resolved my hydration issues (thanks needs to go to @moz on twitter great guy) he suggested introducing beetroot juice smoothes to my diet. they seem to be doing the trick and i feel better on longer sessions.
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