I thought I'd Tri
I thought I'd Tri
Middle aged woman remembers she used to be fit, but 22 years on, 2 kids and a career it may be a vivid memory in the mind but a distant one in the body!

try a tri

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Two weeks in
treemadby treemad Jun 25th 2014
There is no point posting Daily, not many will read this anyway, but every couple of weeks would seem sufficient enough. Boredom - it is when you have a plan that requires your concentration for 5 mins at this speed, 2 mins at that speed, 5 mins ...
Writing for myself
treemadby treemad Jun 10th 2014
For the last 2 years I have been supporting a mad cap set of chaps who have set their sights over many years to punish their bodies for personal gratification and charity. The journey can be followed at www.headcase-ironman.me. Along the way the atm...
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