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I thought I'd Tri
I thought I'd Tri
Middle aged woman remembers she used to be fit, but 22 years on, 2 kids and a career it may be a vivid memory in the mind but a distant one in the body!

Writing for myself

treemadby treemadJun 10th 2014
For the last 2 years I have been supporting a mad cap set of chaps who have set their sights over many years to punish their bodies for personal gratification and charity. The journey can be followed at Along the way the atmosphere the, sunshine (Nice Ironman in June 2013 and Mallorca in May 2014) and the sense of accomplishment was infectious and whether it was a full mid life crisis or just wanting to do something for myself that would be hard, I caught the bug.

So the bike, we had to upgrade from a very smart mountain bike that was paraded out once in a blue moon. So off to TriUk in Yeovil the largest Triathlon shop in the world. One Giant Avail Carbon stead and a wetsuit later I was at least equipped... well so I thought.

Cleats, Tri suit, trainers, goggles, water bottles, gps watch... the list grew, the tech was very exciting, the gym sessions less so!

But 8 weeks after I thought I'd try a Tri, I was lined up at Dorney Lakes, Votwo in September 2013 without a clue of what was about to hit me.

A panic attack after 50 mtrs in a lake in a wet suit for the first time (Yes I know they say have a test run, but it didn't happen) the helpful canoeist support crew loosening the back of my wetsuit, perseverance that I would not drown... and I was out of the water, not quite last.

The bike was fast and flat, windy on the back stretch but it was fun. Then came the "run" more of a travel I think would be fair.

So my first sprint distance in 1:58:50, slam dunk!

I got home, unpacked my stuff, and logged on to register for the 2014 season.... I wanted more, I have no idea why!
Writing for myself
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