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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

3 PB's in a week

trilifedbby trilifedbJun 12th 2011
1st was a treadmill 5k in 20:30 (one day i'll get under 20 !) and yes it counts as a PB, well to me anyway !!

2nd was Leybourne midweek race, knocked 12 seconds off overall time and 30 seconds of best bike time
Swim 0:10:22 bike 0:24:37 run 22:45 overall 0:57:44 aming to go under 56 this season.

3rd was Oly at windsor knocked 11 mins off previous PB and faster in all 3 than the 2 times I raced there. I was 299 out of 1600ish and 79 out of 410 in my age group
Overall 02:30:13 swim 00:28:59 T1 00:01:31 Bike 01:10:51 t2 00:01:28 run 00:47:24

Now for a well deserved Swifty !

below is pic of Chris Ford and Me
3 PB's in a week
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