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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats


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2 more PB's - 1st Oly under 2:30, does that make me a 220 ?
trilifedbby trilifedb Jul 18th 2011
Yesterday did the Birling Beast in 2:29:42 (1st Oly under 2:30) and was 13th out of 60, 7:08 faster than last year and all bits quicker too. 10th on the swim in 25:40 (never done a 750 under 13!) was 3rd on the bike, and 23rd on run well chuff...
Leybourne Sat Sprint
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 18th 2011
This was another PB for me - then again I'd never done this distance(750m/20k/5k) at Leybourne b4, so anytime was gonna be a PB !! Turned up to what was a big field (76 starters) at Leybourne, biggest in my time of going (last 5 years or so) and ...
3 PB's in a week
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 12th 2011
1st was a treadmill 5k in 20:30 (one day i'll get under 20 !) and yes it counts as a PB, well to me anyway !! 2nd was Leybourne midweek race, knocked 12 seconds off overall time and 30 seconds of best bike time Swim 0:10:22 bike 0:24:37 run 22...
Leybourne Midweek Race 1 / years training
trilifedbby trilifedb May 25th 2011
Still had heavy legs from the Swashbuckler (thats my excuse for not going faster !) but had a go anyway. There where 37 racing and a very fast field, I came in 16th in 59:38 previous PB was 57:55 so not a million miles away. 550m Swim in 11:04 (a m...
Swashbuckler Half Iron distance
trilifedbby trilifedb May 22nd 2011
Lovely race in lovely new forest, my favorite race (well until last 7 mile lap of run). Went Down with Steve L day b4, stayed not too far away and spend sat eve gorging pizza and not thinking about beer. The race started at 5.15 , the alarm set fo...
Hever Midweek Sprint
trilifedbby trilifedb May 12th 2011
haven't felt right since London Mara, been eating too many cakes and drinking too much beer. Me and Steve booked this in as a warm up for Swashbuckler and it did the trick. Lovely location, I took swim easy as didn't want the panics but was slow.....
London Marathon 2011
trilifedbby trilifedb Apr 18th 2011
Been a mad 2 weeks, Eased right off the training and got a chest infection. Left it a while but ened up going to doctors on tuesday was put on anti-biotics given ventelin and sent for an chest X- Ray ASAP, not your ideal last few days, but the Xray ...
Fowlmead Duathlon (1.9m,10m,1.9m)
trilifedbby trilifedb Apr 4th 2011
1.9m Gravel run, 10m - 5 laps on tarmac purpose built cycle track, then 1.9m gravel run again I'd done this once before back in 2007 so had a time to beat 59:41 I turned up full of snot with a cold and finished 20th out of 45 in 54:41 so a perfec...
Paddock Wood Half Marathon
trilifedbby trilifedb Mar 28th 2011
Got there hoping to go under 1:40 and smashed PB by 5 mins with 1:36:02 and 7 mins quicker than last year, that book 'Run Less Run Faster' is defo working as I'm running less and Faster !! Went off slow for 1st mile and the built the pace, had a gel...
Burgess Hill 71 Mile Classic
trilifedbby trilifedb Mar 20th 2011
My first Sportive. The sun came out as we joined the other fat middle aged blokes in lycra and set off. 5 of us stayed together for 1st ten miles or so but pace was a bit rich for me and Dick so we let the other 3 disapear in the distance. The res...
Spitfire 20 Mile Race
trilifedbby trilifedb Mar 14th 2011
Nice race that starts/finishes at Dunsfold, better known as Top Gear Race Track. Longest running race I've ever done and it went well I was hoping for 2:40 and managed 2:35:35 so well chuffed. I did 1st half in 1:19:46 and 2nd lap in 1:15:49 (i...
Trigrandprix DNF for me
trilifedbby trilifedb May 30th 2010
Raced the pro's, what other sport can you do that in if your cack swim went well drafted pros fior about 3secs then did swim in 38:40 got out felt relaxed and t2 was smooth too. Bike started well, went passed mate steve early on all going well Til...
Leybourne sprint
trilifedbby trilifedb May 26th 2010
59:32 1 sec off pb best ever swim/t1 10:38 bike 26:35 felt slow as windy best ever run 22:10 felt tired too reckon I can do it in 57:30 by end of season a being well...
Leybourne Sprint
trilifedbby trilifedb May 22nd 2010
59:31 Just gone under the hour for 1st time in 17 attempts, get in !! Swim 00:11:22 Bike 00:25:38 Run 00:22:31 Total 00:59:31 booked another 9 leybourne sprint in 2010 so hopefully down to 57 something by end of season. next one on wed, ...
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