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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

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Trigrandprix DNF for me
trilifedbby trilifedb May 30th 2010
Raced the pro's, what other sport can you do that in if your cack swim went well drafted pros fior about 3secs then did swim in 38:40 got out felt relaxed and t2 was smooth too. Bike started well, went passed mate steve early on all going well Til...
Dover swim at last
trilifedbby trilifedb May 27th 2010
Finally got in the salt water and a seal came up to chris butler whilst we where swimming in the harbour. Swim in 11 degrees only did 30 mins but loved it and felt strong and not too cold...
Leybourne sprint
trilifedbby trilifedb May 26th 2010
59:32 1 sec off pb best ever swim/t1 10:38 bike 26:35 felt slow as windy best ever run 22:10 felt tired too reckon I can do it in 57:30 by end of season a being well...
Under 4 weeks til Channel swim
trilifedbby trilifedb May 24th 2010
and still not swam in the sea, but been doing 10-12k per week at the lakes. The Lake has heated up so much it felt like a bath yesterday, got to get to the sea this week !! We must be mad. More details/sponsor us at - http://www.justgiving.c...
Leybourne Sprint
trilifedbby trilifedb May 22nd 2010
59:31 Just gone under the hour for 1st time in 17 attempts, get in !! Swim 00:11:22 Bike 00:25:38 Run 00:22:31 Total 00:59:31 booked another 9 leybourne sprint in 2010 so hopefully down to 57 something by end of season. next one on wed, ...
Won Cup Final
trilifedbby trilifedb May 9th 2010
Last game for Cricketers, won 2-1 at chathams ground v Palmserston, played up front and claimed the 2nd goal as it hit me on way in. Team has now folded. not surte if I'll play again next season let see how it goes, but I won;t ever manager a team a...
Swimming the channel
trilifedbby trilifedb May 5th 2010
June 20th in relay team last week did 11.5 open water mostly non wetsuit so should be ok got outrageous half in 3 weeks need to do more runs and bike and fit in a taper this Friday playing football against police force at gillingham pitch then on...
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