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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

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Channel Swim Done !!
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 22nd 2010
Channel Swim not sunday but prob tuesday
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 18th 2010
Bl00dy English Weather ! I'm Ready to go, but it's too windy at the mo and not good over the weekend, looks like we are going to go on tuesday if weather breaks by then. Well at least I can have a beer watching England later today !...
Leybourne sprnt
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 16th 2010
1:00:55 Swim 9:45 t1 1:28 Bike 26:29 t2+run 23:13...
Very Choppy
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 15th 2010
At dover harbour today me and CB swam for nearly an hour and the waves where massive, got bashed baout good and proper. Was aiming to double dip today but sea was too extreme. Hopefully will be ok on thursday for a double dip. All being well we'...
11 days Til channel swim
trilifedbby trilifedb Jun 9th 2010
Great swim today at Dover only an hour but didn't feel freezing after unlike last swim on sat when I got shivers real bad. Loads more swimming coming up and want get upto 2 hours in sea by next thur. Bring it on...
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