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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

London Marathon Training

trilifedbby trilifedbFeb 21st 2011
Going Well so Far.
8 weeks into the FURMAN FIRST training plan, which is a 3 runs a week plan + Cross training. I'm following the plan for a 3:30 finish, but would be chuffed to get under the 4 as this is my first marathon. I thought if I train for 4 hours, i'll blow up and get 4+. Fingers crossed nearer 3:30 than 4 !

Also been doing some stuff to the website and there's 11 events in 2011 based at Leybourne Lakes in Kent if anyone is interested.

I'm going to play football next 2 sunday's then from 13th March it's 6 events on 6 consecutive sundays with last one being the London Mara.

Spitfire 20 Miler run
Burgess Hill 73 Mile Bike
Paddock Wood Half Mara
Fowlmead Duathlon
Dartford 10 Mile Run
London Marathon
SwimSwim1h:50m (3%) 0km
BikeBike7h:27m (14%) 203.3km
RunRun29h:45m (56%) 301.5km
MiscMisc8h:50m (17%) 0km
StrengthStrength5h:15m (10%) 0km
Stats for: Jan 1st 2011 to Feb 21st 2011 (52 days)
Tags: marathon
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