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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

Mad March 45+ hours, now need a taper

trilifedbby trilifedbApr 1st 2011
Mad March has seen me do more hours Training - over 45, which is loads more than a previous best of 36 in feb. Also most cycling in a month by miles. IStarted masters swimming once a week, which is like learning how to walk all over again, as my technique is crap... If you want to watch someone drown, watch me do the butterfly, what's that about !!
Below are stats but they don't show events in march, spitfire 20 mile run in 2:35, burgess hill 75 mile bike in 5:00 or paddock wood half mara in 1:36
Feeling shattered got a cold coming on, gonna ease off and get in a good taper for London Marathon which has been focus since Xmas.
After that I'll mostly be drinking
SwimSwim5h:25m (15%) 4km
BikeBike16h:52m (46%) 445.2km
RunRun11h:58m (33%) 129.8km
MiscMisc1h:20m (4%) 0km
StrengthStrength45min (2%) 0km
Stats for: Mar 1st 2011 to Mar 31st 2011 (31 days)
Total training time: 36h:20m:15s
Stats for: Mar 1st 2011 to Mar 31st 2011 (31 days)
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