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I decided to quit Smoking and Took up Triathlon in 2005 as a reason to stay fit, 10 years on I've spent money I've saved on lycra, bikes and pointy hats

Swashbuckler Half Iron distance

trilifedbby trilifedbMay 22nd 2011
Swashbuckler Half Iron distance
Lovely race in lovely new forest, my favorite race (well until last 7 mile lap of run).
Went Down with Steve L day b4, stayed not too far away and spend sat eve gorging pizza and not thinking about beer.
The race started at 5.15 , the alarm set for 3, the hotel put on a breakfast but hard to eat, we left the hotel at 4, driving there it was dark, raining and windy, a bit of a worry by time we got to transition it wasn't dark and the rain was easing off - phew.

Swim was a mass start for men, women 5 min later, i've done the race before and both time suspected that the swim was short, as did great times, this year it was spot on & I was slower not so good when aiming for a pb. Once we started it was a bit biff/bosh out there but I just stayed comfy, I got out the water in about 40 mins.

Biff Below
Swashbuckler Half Iron distance
t1 is a bit of a trek but no drama's, steve had gone, so I knew I had to put foot down to catch him (he's just got a new exocet so maybe not) started bike in 44 (188th).
Bike - 1st 20mins I overtook loads of people, and at 1 point had gone past 60 people and only 1 had gone past me (that changed as I got knackered later on), then I saw steve walking his bike towards me, RUBBISH, he had a puncture, I was gutted for him and had no1 to chase now, eased off a bit for a while and then got going again. Finished the bike in 2:23 (84th), 9 mins quicker than in 2009. Got to t2 and Steve was waiting and he did the run with me - not sure i'd have done the same, what with a cafe close by !! started the
run at 3:08, and secretly thinkinh I could do a 1:52 14 miler to get in under 5hours (No chance !) It was great to have someone to chat away to on the run, the 1st 7 mile lap was great and in about 57 mins, 2nd half hurt more and I really slowed, steve was keeping me going by waffling and laughing at my grunts & groans ! the run took 2:07
I finished in 5:14:07, 9 mins quicker than in 2009.

Will be doing this again next year, and I'm sure Steve will too !!

Below a pic of me & my medal
Swashbuckler Half Iron distance
Steve & Me !
Swashbuckler Half Iron distance
next up is the www.TeamOutrageous.com midweeker on wed 25th , hopefully legs will have recovered and I can remember how to swim/bike/run and get another PB ( best there so far 57:55) Not holdinmg my breath tho !!

Nothing longer than an oly left in 2011 now, bring on the shorter stuff !!
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