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Day 1 - Run Training Starts Today

tripyreneesby tripyreneesSep 27th 2010
Day 1 - Run Training Starts Today
We have finally finished our season here at Pyrenees Multisport. It has been a long year with a lot of riding, not so much distance but some pretty fast days. I have ridden 3 Pyrenean Traverse tours including the 100 hour event. Several Tour de France stages and many a guided ride. With the weight loss earlier in the year the riding has been so much easier but with that the effort stays the same so the speed goes up - all good, but still tiring.

So our winter campaign is to get ready for our Spring Challenge in 2011. We (myself and Julie) plan to run, self supported, from the Atlantic coast near to Bordeaux to the Mediterranean coast at Cap d'Agde. This is 520 Km and we plan to run it in 8 stages. But, we are cheating a little, we are running along the River Garonne and the Canal du Midi , so the only hills will be the bridges and Locks that we will have to pass over.

So today was my first run for a while - a simple 6.5 Km jaunt along the river. Slow but steady just as the training will be like over the next 6 months and just like the challenge in April. Julie also ran today so we are well on our way. We are hoping that this goal will keep us running throughout the winter providing a great base for our "planned" return to Ironman Racing in late 2011.
BikeBike58h:41m (95%) 1326.2km
RunRun3h:23m (5%) 38.4km
Stats for: Sep 1st 2010 to Sep 27th 2010 (27 days)
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