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Ian's Training Log

Start of Marathon Training

tripyreneesby tripyreneesSep 29th 2009
Start of Marathon Training
So we have both (me & Julie) entered the Marseille Marathon which is in 28 weeks time. This is to give us some focus over the winter months and get our running back up to speed. We have some time goals but we will keep those to ourselves for the time being.

We are following a new book we have bought called Run Workouts by Bobby McGee. It is quite a good book and today we ran workout AeT 1 which was 3 x 10 mins below AeT with 45 seconds fast walk break. We did the 6.5 km loop (flat) and felt good. Not fast but trying to control heart rate. We also used our new Garmin Forerunner 50's for the first time. A great cheap device that allows us to use the same chest strap as the Garmin Edges we have on the bikes.
So this is it - the beginning of our run training, no off season for us this year.
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