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Ian's Training Log

Still tormented with injury!!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesJan 31st 2010
It has been a bit erratic this week and I have not ventured outside to run. I am still getting a niggling pain in my left calf, just inside the Achilles. I am struggling to work out what it is but I think it is where I am pushing off from the forefoot. I have run 4 treadmill sessions with the pain coming from the Fartlek session where I put the pressure on. I ran today a very steady 30 mins with no pain, just a comfortable burn and concentrating on running slightly outward. It seems ok so far.

I have been out on the bike this week which was great and also a session on the rollers, 1 hour to the Sufferfest Downward Spiral. A great session.

Weight is steadying down now, the lightest this week was 88.1 Kg and I have been wavering between that and 89.3 kg. It is going well with the diet keeping at below 1900 calories, including training. I can see a physical change and I think I can feel it too on the run and the bike. My goal is to settle between 82 and 84 kg for the upcoming season. At 6'2" (184cm) that will put me at a climbing height to weight ratio of 2.54 which is as low as I think I want to go for now.

I sort of got reinvigorated today as well after watching a Documentary by Alex Vero. The road to Beijing. From 16 stone to a 1:13 half marathon - there is hope yet.
BikeBike3h:05m (59%) 85.3km
RunRun2h:10m (41%) 19.9km
Stats for: Jan 25th 2010 to Jan 31st 2010 (7 days)
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