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Ian's Training Log

A little more consistency

tripyreneesby tripyreneesNov 29th 2009
Even though the weather is turning now I have managed to get a few sessions in this week. I tried the Powertap monthly power test. Not sure what the results mean but they are there. I will do the 20 min TT next week but will use the Col des Ares as my test circuit - 6.7 km at a 5% grade. That should give me a more steadier power output. Had a good run out with the Tri Club, Julie came along, which was her first ride for ages and it near enough wiped her out. She will get the fitness back though and her running is going well.
So next week more consistency, I should hope to see some improvement.....soon.
BikeBike4h:23m (54%) 127.3km
RunRun3h:47m (46%) 39.7km
Stats for: Nov 23rd 2009 to Nov 29th 2009 (7 days)
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