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Ian's Training Log

A Long Rest

tripyreneesby tripyreneesDec 13th 2008
I have not put any training in the log for a while now and this is due to the problems with my knee. I have nearly fallen over a few times on the treadmill due to my knee just giving way.
So I went back to the consultant on Wednesday to have it checked. I normally see the top guy but his English and my French don't really match up so he walked me around to his college who speaks perfect English.
Dr jones then checked out my knee and nodded to say he knew what it was. He sent me off for a MRI to check but the results didn't show anything. So off I went for an X-Ray where they clamped the leg and forced it beyond its limits. I came back and the boss guy was in the office going through the MRI - The X-Ray then convinced them that my AC Ligament, the one that stops the leg going too far had snapped.
The only thing they could do was to replace the ligament. So I am booed in for surgery on Monday (es this monday) and go in to hospital tomorrow. I thn have to have 3 weeks of rehab at a clinic. So I do not get out of hospital until the 7th January missing christmas and New Year. But it means I am back on my feet well before the season starts in March.
I will keep up the daily updates on my ACL surgery and Recovery and then get back into training asap.
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