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Ian's Training Log

Archive: November 2009 (Close)

A little more consistency
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Nov 29th 2009
Even though the weather is turning now I have managed to get a few sessions in this week. I tried the Powertap monthly power test. Not sure what the results mean but they are there. I will do the 20 min TT next week but will use the Col des Ares a...
New Gadgets & Services 2010
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Nov 22nd 2009
Not a bad week this week, although not really to plan. Had a break in the middle as we were sorting out a car for our son, Lewis. His first car, a 1989 Austin Mini. That was an adventure driving back from Toulouse in the dark on the motorway. I w...
Its Tough
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Nov 15th 2009
It has been really hard to get back into training this week. I wish I has not had that break back in the UK as since then I have done hardly anything. Day 1 of our 22 week marathon plan starts tomorrow so I am hoping this will bring back a little o...
Back on the Bike
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Nov 13th 2009
Short loop out on a nice day. Just 31 km up to Marignac and then back alongside the River on the new bike path. Knee is feeling very weak and quite painful as it was when I ran earlier this week. Going to call for an appointment to see the surgeon ...
So much junk food!!
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Nov 1st 2009
Not allot of training this week, we flew back to the UK for a break. First time in many years and waht a change. So many people and so much traffic and everything is do cheap. We HAD to take advantage......... So just a 10 km at the beginning...
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