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Ian's Training Log

Archive: December 2009 (Close)

Sufferfest - Again, but this time FIGHT CLUB
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Dec 28th 2009
I downloaded the 2nd int he series, this time called Fight Club. The sessions are slightly longer and follow the UCI world championship coverage. I do have a few comments though. Firstly the music does not match the mood. So the high tempo beats ...
Not another week
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Dec 27th 2009
OK, so Christmas got in the way, but there is no excuse for not alot of training for yet another week. I will be dieing the next time I go out. So I managed one roller ride and one treadmill ride. AND I think I have put on 3 kg from all the crap I...
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Dec 21st 2009
Wow! - now that training session was good. I downloaded it from the Sufferfest website and the 1 hour session is called downward spriral. You watch race coverage with instructions on when to attack and when to rest etc. Very good and I blasted my ...
Mid Winter Lull
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Dec 20th 2009
I cannot believe I have not done anything for a week. With the freezing weather and the run up to christmas (read, log burner, new 47" TV and a new subscription to the movie channel) I have found ithard to motivate myself to get out of the door. An...
Not much excitement
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Dec 6th 2009
A slow week this week. I managed to get 4 of my run sessions in and 1 roller session on the bike. The weather is not great but that is no excuse. I went and saw my surgeon about my knee. It is nearly a year now since I had the operation for my ACL...
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