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Archive: January 2010 (Close)

Still tormented with injury!!
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 31st 2010
It has been a bit erratic this week and I have not ventured outside to run. I am still getting a niggling pain in my left calf, just inside the Achilles. I am struggling to work out what it is but I think it is where I am pushing off from the foref...
1st outdoor ride of the year !!!
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 29th 2010
Sounds terrible seeing as it is the 29th but I just have not had the inclination to get out in the cold and when it has been nice I am doing work around the house to get everything ready for the upcoming season. But, I told myself to go out this mor...
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 24th 2010
SO I have not done a thing this week. I wanted to give my left calf a good chance of recovery while I am still quite a few weeks out from the Marseille Marathon. I started icing the calf each day. I wore my compression socks and then strapped ...
It had to happend - Injured!!
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 17th 2010
I have had two great weeks of consistent running with no problems at all. Then the snow arrived and I went out a couple of times for some great running. Again no problems although my Achilles were stretching a bit due to the high leg action used in...
Consistent Running & SNOW
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 10th 2010
Starting the week very tired after last weeks effort I was wondering whether I was going to make it through the week at all. I started with a few treadmill runs and then a rest day with a fantastic 17.3 km run on the wednesday. Then the snow came d...
Breakthrough RUN
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 7th 2010
At last... I have been feeling down recently with my running and my pace. My distance has increased but I seem to have plateaued a little. But today I seemed to leap forward and everything fell into place. It was really slippy and the snow was fal...
Longest Week this Year !!!
tripyreneesby tripyrenees Jan 3rd 2010
You might laugh seeing as it is only the 3rd January (Bonne Année by the way). But this last week has been the most consistent and the longest running week I have had in years. My legs are feeling it too but 6 runs is fantastic for me and I am happ...
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