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tripyreneesby tripyreneesAug 24th 2009
It has been a while, bit of laziness and also very very busy season here in the Pyrenees. Finished a coast to coast ride last week and now on another coast to coast this week although this time I will be in the van driving. So, I thought I would kick start my running again - I have not run at all for the past 5 months since I gingerly did a 5 km after my ACL operation. I have just been a bit scared really. My bike fitness is coming back, much stronger on the climbs but endurance has allot of catching up to do.
So hopefully tomorrow I will have a run entry to do.
Oziemby member: Oziem, Aug 27th 2009 19:06
Hows the arm? I've got my op date (15th october)
Croptopby member: Croptop, Aug 31st 2009 20:11
Based on your posts to 'Tri-DRS', here's hoping your run training is far less eventful than your rides have been of late.
tripyreneesby blog author: tripyrenees, Sep 7th 2009 07:49
Well, I will start running soon. Shoulder is getting better - it is a different kind of pain now which I think is good. I even swan 200 metres with no pain so will steadily get back to it.
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