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tripyreneesby tripyreneesJul 13th 2010
It has been a while logging my rides but mainly due to putting it off as the rides pile up. The season is in full swing now and with the past couple of months including our Tri Country Tour and the Pyrenean Traverse, I am certainly getting the distance in.
I am feeling much better now on the climbs, dropping my gearing down and increasing my cadence. I have now leveled out weight wise and steady at around 82 Kg which I think is a good weight for me. My power has increased and my endurance has definitely got better as a short ride for me now seems to be 4 hours with 8 to 10 hours in the saddle be the norm with our tours.
But I still have a lot of fitness to gain to increase my speeds up the mountains and this will only be done with more training and more rides with "faster" riders. I have the Iron CAMP coming up in two weeks with quite a few fast guys coming over and we will ride Stage 16 and Stage 17 of the Tour de France back to back over two days with also another 500 km during the week.
I have found riding 2 week heavy blocks (1200 Km) with a 3 to 4 days rest afterward is really helping my recovery. This is a very exciting experiment this year and it is keeping me motivated hopefully to the end of the season at least.
Tour De France for us starts Friday, very busy week with the Etape and also 3 mountain stages - should be a lot of fun.
More to come......
BikeBike49h:02m (99%) 1188.1km
RunRun35min (1%) 6.5km
Stats for: Jun 1st 2010 to Jun 30th 2010 (30 days)
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