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Bit of a slacker !!

tripyreneesby tripyreneesFeb 7th 2010
This week has been a bit weak on the training side. I suppose I can put it down to rehab for my calf problem which now seems to be well and truly rested. My last bike and run (all indoors) felt great and I want to put in a solid week of training (starting tomorrow) before I head to the UK for 4 days of cheap food and everything British.

I am chuffed to bits with the calorie counting - I am now down to 86.9 Kg which is nearing my weight when I was 25. I have a couple more kilo to shed and I will be happy, then it will be a task to maintain it and train hard ready for our first training camp at the end of April in Calella, Spain.
Stats for: Feb 1st 2010 to Feb 7th 2010 (7 days)
AndyBby member: AndyB, Feb 8th 2010 21:09
I hope your calf is going to hold up to the x-country skiing training?
tripyreneesby blog author: tripyrenees, Feb 8th 2010 21:20
The calf will - the shoulder won't. Got an MRI on it in a couple of weeks. This is the Calella injury from last April.
AndyBby member: AndyB, Feb 11th 2010 20:45
Sorry to hear that, hopefully the MRI will give an indication to what it is. Looking forward to catching up.
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