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Breakthrough RUN

tripyreneesby tripyreneesJan 7th 2010
Breakthrough RUN
At last... I have been feeling down recently with my running and my pace. My distance has increased but I seem to have plateaued a little. But today I seemed to leap forward and everything fell into place.
It was really slippy and the snow was falling so once I had got onto the trail my feet started slipping backwards on each push off - this really exaggerated the fact I was actually pushing off from the ground instead of just plodding along.
The session was 6 x 15 mins with 1 min walk break. I ran each 15 mins on a 2.7 km loop through the woods and each time I was gaining about 200m on myself which is way beyond what I had done since I last ran these loops. I kept the pace constant and my breathing stable. It felt fast but when I timed myself through kilometer markers ( I have marked the complete route with them) I only managed a 5:18 km. But that was on the slippy section. I got home with about 10 mins to spare but as it was freezing and I was covered in snow I called it a day knowing I had completed my distance goal which was 17.3 km and 1 hour 31 mins. This included the 6 x 1 min walk breaks and the 5 min warm up.
So my goal for Blagnac Half in 8 weeks time is sub 1:50. If I calculate an extra 3.7km on todays run that would put me at 1:50:36. I am totally happy with that and my confidence has been boosted ten fold. Tomorrow I will run with Julie in the snow using our chrissie prezzies - the crampons....should be fun.
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