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Consistancy is Everything

tripyreneesby tripyreneesOct 11th 2009
Consistancy is Everything
This was a fantastic week of running for me. Week 2 of our pre marathon training schedule and we seem to have have ramped up considerably. I have run 5 times this week and each time my pace has been slightly higher with the same HR. I know I will improve in leaps and bounds in the first few months but I have never felt so relaxed while running. Maybe 5 years of this lifestyle of cycling and fitness as my job is finally showing through.
Today I just ran a tad under 17 km in an hour 32 minutes in zone 2 averaging about 148HR again following the Bobby McGee workouts which was 5 x 15 mins with 1 min walk break. It felt easy, it felt right and was the first time I have enjoyed running for a very long time.
Next week I will get back on my bike (this week off) and also back in the pool (not swum properly since March). I love the off season.
RunRun5h:03m (100%) 52.3km
Stats for: Oct 5th 2009 to Oct 11th 2009 (7 days)
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