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Consistent Running & SNOW

tripyreneesby tripyreneesJan 10th 2010
Consistent Running & SNOW
Starting the week very tired after last weeks effort I was wondering whether I was going to make it through the week at all. I started with a few treadmill runs and then a rest day with a fantastic 17.3 km run on the wednesday. Then the snow came down, lots of it. I managed another rest day as I was working on Lewis's car and time just ran out as they say. But I had to have some fun in the snow, so on went the Yak Trax and the gaiters and me and Julie went out for our 10 km trail loop. It was fantastic with deep snow and tuneels made from the over burdened trees. It was slow but quite tiring.
Today I went out for a longish run, it was supposed to be another 20 + km session but the snow is still deep and icy. So I ran on the flat out to the 6 km marker and back making a total of 13.5 km in 1hour 20mins. Quite pleased to dip under the 6min per km, specially in these conditions and the Yak Trax collecting the ice.

I would say another consistent week though with just under 55 Km of running. I really do need to get back on the bike through, so I think it may be a roller week coming up too.
RunRun5h:30m (100%) 54.7km
Stats for: Jan 4th 2010 to Jan 10th 2010 (7 days)
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