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tripyreneesby tripyreneesJan 24th 2010
SO I have not done a thing this week. I wanted to give my left calf a good chance of recovery while I am still quite a few weeks out from the Marseille Marathon.

I started icing the calf each day. I wore my compression socks and then strapped the ice pack with an elastic bandage. It felt fine. But after a few days I was getting bruising - it was very sore to the touch and then a few days later it was numb. Like pins and needles I could not really feel it. I looked it up and it seems to be Frostbite. Only now is it getting back to normal, but still with a little numbness. What an idiot - I used to ice my knee for hours but I suppose because I strapped the ice so tightly to the leg it had more effect. You live and learn.

But I have not been slack this week - I started counting calories and bought a really good set of scales, mainly due to the fact they connect by WIFI and I get graphs on my iMAC. Love it.

Anyway I am keeping below 1900 calories per day. It seems to be working well and I am not feeling that hungry, albeit with no training. But I have now lost 5.3 Kg in 1 week. I have another 8 Kg to lose to get to my goal weight which will put me back to the same weight I was at when I was 23 years old. I am pretty excited to see how I fair on the climbs, I will never be a mountain goat at 184 cm but losing 14 Kg must make a difference. I will keep the blog up to date with my progress.
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