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In need of a few more calories....

tripyreneesby tripyreneesMar 14th 2010
In need of a few more calories....
I had a good run today. It was planned to be the longest run but as I have had a bit of an erratic week when it comes to run training I decided to cut it down to a specified loop I had in my head.
It is funny as now I am using some of my cycling routes as my run routes and not thinking much about it. So todays route took in a little climbing taking me halfway up the Col des Ares before heading back down the valley to a flat course home.
This morning I weighed in at my lowest of 83.8 Kg and realistically did not eat enough last night, so with about 45 mins to go I was feeling a bit light headed. I had had 2 Gels already so I took the 3rd but it didn't do much. My pace was strong but I was seeing stars. Managed to get the 26 Km loop done in 2hr30mins which is not bad considering the terrain and also the crappy week I have had with only a couple of treadmill sessions.
But it is good to see the effect on low calorie intake without crashing to heavily. I think with a bit more experimentation I will be able to balance the weight loss (only 1.8 Kg to go) with the marathon training.
i have also introduced my bike again, I have left it way to late, I know, but I have about 6 weeks to get ready for Spain. Once the marathon is out the way I can then really hit the mountains and see if being lighter has not effected the power (which I think it has but hoping the weight will outweigh
5 weeks to go to Marathon day.........
BikeBike3h:24m (48%) 77.3km
RunRun3h:42m (52%) 38km
Stats for: Mar 8th 2010 to Mar 14th 2010 (7 days)
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