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Rehab Day 1

tripyreneesby tripyreneesDec 18th 2008
So I have missed an update - yesterday (which feels like a month ago) I left the hospital in Toulouse and was transported down to Luchon for rehabilitation after my knee op on Monday. I had a pretty awful last night in the hospital with zero pain relief as the Orc was back on duty and I was too frightened to call for help. The morning was worse as the new nurse didn't believe me when I said I had not had any painkillers, so I was nearly 15 hours without a hit. Plus I had to travel 2 hours in a taxi - I was feeling just a little sorry for myself when I arrived at the new hospital.

So here I am - it is great. My own room (next door to two little old ladies who keep eyeing me up and asking me are new!, where do you live?, how long are you here for?) and a great nurse who has already given me my regime of drugs but also keeps sticking needles in me and taking blood. I had one session on the knee stretcher yesterday but today was my first real session of physio.

Basically, you wake up, have breakfast down in the restaurant and then go to the physio room with about 10 others who have had the same operation and are at differing degrees of rehab. I then rotate between an hour on the stretchy machine which today I got up to 80 degs of flex (it was 60 degs on tuesday and I need to reach 90 degs by the day 15 and 120 degs by day 30). The electro stimulation (the Compex) which I love and crank up to max power to watch my quadriceps jump about like made. Lots of ice and then massage. One session of about 3 hours in the morning then lunch and the same in the afternoon. So about 6 hours of physio per day. The last thing this afternoon, I got given a new leg brace that allows the leg to bend. They then put me on the treadmill. I was set at 1 km/hr. Last week I was running near 12 km/hr easily on the treadmill, this week a little old lady with her zimmer frame stopped next to me and told me to take it easy and not to go to fast. BUT..... I was walking without the crutches at 1 km/hr. I am quite pleased with that on day 1 of rehab.
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