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Sufferfest - Again, but this time FIGHT CLUB

tripyreneesby tripyreneesDec 28th 2009
Sufferfest - Again, but this time FIGHT CLUB
I downloaded the 2nd int he series, this time called Fight Club. The sessions are slightly longer and follow the UCI world championship coverage. I do have a few comments though. Firstly the music does not match the mood. So the high tempo beats get you through the 6 mins of hard efforts but then it carries on through the rest period, by which time you tend to increase effort without thinking about it. Secondly, the attack section always shows the same video clip, after 10 times this is annoying. Then the cool down video, not great and I am sure they could have found something better. But overall it was a good session.

Check out to download it.

I then carried on to do my AeT 1 run on the treadmill, a little more slowly this time as I am feeling this extra 3 kg I am carrying. I wish I did not take breaks in my training as it is so hard getting back.
BikeBike1h (65%) 0km
RunRun33min (35%) 4.8km
Stats for: Dec 22nd 2009 to Dec 28th 2009 (7 days)
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