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Ian's Training Log

Surgeon Appointment

tripyreneesby tripyreneesMar 3rd 2009
Went to see my surgeon. He explained to me the tendon was taken for the ACL replacement. SO the muscle was attaching itself to the bone but I have now pulled it away again. No surgery can be done so I am out for 3 weeks of total rest.
Had some very gentle massage and a leg drain machine today at Physio
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Mar 5th 2009 17:07
sorry to hear about the hammy... at least you don't need an op though.

best of luck
Oziemby member: Oziem, Mar 6th 2009 11:17
Oh no! Is that no exercise at all? Do you have to wear a cast?
Wilkoby member: Wilko, Mar 6th 2009 11:30
That sucks, man. Get in plenty of R&R, hope all resolves itself soon.
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