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I'm a previously unsporty 20 something that has been trying very hard at tri for the last 6 years with minimal success! I love the sport to the extent that I helped my husband set up 'The Triathlon Shop' three years ago and have recently started working there full-time having given up a career in accountancy.

I'm lucky to be in the industry I love and often get to try out kit before it is released. When I do get to play with fun triathlon toys I tend to write a little review about my experiences. I also like to blog about my pathetic attempts to train and the fun I have in the summer racing and supporting all my friends at races.

Operation mega-quad

twiggyby twiggyAug 9th 2013
In my last post I explained that my training has stopped completely due to knee issues which have led me to need a nasty operation in 3 weeks time.

This is not exactly true - in fact I have decided that the best thing for me over the next few weeks is to pile on the muscle in my thighs. The thought behind this is that my muscle is going to waste away over the 6 weeks I am going to be stuck in a leg brace, so the more muscle I have to start the better right? Every day from now to the op I will be churning away in a huge gear on an exercise bike in the gym, on my BKOOL turbo, on my trusted Felt F85 roadie and on my brand spanking new Felt SIX 70 hardtail.

In my efforts to boost my thigh chunkiness I have therefore recently tried mountain biking for the first time. My first attempt was at Leigh Woods and resulted in my nearly coming off at speed down the hill when I hadnt quite got used to the feel of hydraulic disc brakes! Its like learning to ride all over again.

So in a few weeks time I hope to be looking something like this:
Operation mega-quad
I'll post the comparison with my legs in a couple of weeks!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Aug 26th 2013 21:42
Ha ha! No comment on the pic..good for you on the MTB. I expended more sound energy than kinetic energy on my MTB attempts.
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