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I'm a previously unsporty 20 something that has been trying very hard at tri for the last 6 years with minimal success! I love the sport to the extent that I helped my husband set up 'The Triathlon Shop' three years ago and have recently started working there full-time having given up a career in accountancy.

I'm lucky to be in the industry I love and often get to try out kit before it is released. When I do get to play with fun triathlon toys I tend to write a little review about my experiences. I also like to blog about my pathetic attempts to train and the fun I have in the summer racing and supporting all my friends at races.

Adios Boost - my own little review

twiggyby twiggyMay 18th 2013
Time for a product review - and this ones a bit of an exclusive!

For a month now my knee has been improving and Ive been able to go out on a few runs and do a few sessions on the treadmill. The shoes I have been doing this in are my super rare, super sexy Adidas Adios Boost. These are not to be released until at least July, but my husband pulled a few strings with Adidas and managed to get me a pair from the 30 or so available at the London Marathon for the Pros (Mutai and the like!)

Theres been a lot of hype around these shoes. Adidas have clearly put alot of money into marketing of them. The Boost shoes you can buy at the moment are a training shoe, but these are very different. They are most definately a running shoe and in my opinion look the nuts.

The Boost material itself feels wierd. Its super squishy and very bouncy. Stuck onto the boost material you can find areas of continental rubber which is very grippy in the wet (but can make you squeak on polished floors!) The upper is lightweight, comfortable and seamless.

This is a pic of the ladies version, but the mens isnt a whole lot different (see his and hers pic below) :
Adios Boost - my own little review
I was concerned that these could be a little 'racey' for me. Due to my lack of recent training I could easily have reverted back to my original running style of a heel-striking pronator. These shoes however make it so easy to run forefoot for longer than I thought I could. When running on the treadmill (where I find it easier to monitor these kind of things), I noticed that I could hold a good form for a lot long than I could when I was fitter. I also noticed that my stride length seemed to be improved. I had no knee pain (which in itself is a miracle!)

Now this could be a placebo thing I guess, but despite being in the industry I have generally kept myself away from all the hype (no meetings with adidas and no reading of reviews) so I hope I'm not being biased. I really was shocked by my ability to hold my form in these shoes.

Obviously due to my injury I have not been able to run far in these. However my husband recently run a half marathon in these for Mallorca 70.3 and despite a hamstring injury managed to hold his form and perform well. He loved the shoes.

And a note for triathletes - they have a seam free upper. I have not tried them sockless yet but in theory they should be good for tri.
Adios Boost - my own little review
Very happy in my adios boost - and cant wait to get another pair when they are available in the summer :)
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, May 22nd 2013 09:57
I really want to try these. I noticed in the ads that the people were hell-striking and I thought they were designed for heel strikers. I don't really *need* a new pair of trainers and I've never had a pair of adidas ones, so I'm not sure about the fit. But I'd like to try some on.
twiggyby blog author: twiggy, May 22nd 2013 20:40
The adistar boost which is available at the moment is more of a training shoe which provides more cushioning for heel strikers. These are fine for heel striking for a while but I wouldnt want to do a marathon in them if I was going to be heel striking the whole way!
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, May 24th 2013 22:13
Hell striking! Haha! Heel. Hmm. You're obviously much more experienced than I am - dabbled with changing my 'style' a while back but decided to concentrate on other aspects of my technique so I guess I'm still heel striking now although it's a lot less pronounced than it was. Ah I see what you mean. Thanks for replying!
twiggyby blog author: twiggy, Aug 30th 2013 15:36
Just a quick note to say...THESE ARE NOW AVAILABLE!! Come down to The Triathlon Shop and pick up a pair
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