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Holly's Tri mis-adventures
I'm a previously unsporty 20 something that has been trying very hard at tri for the last 6 years with minimal success! I love the sport to the extent that I helped my husband set up 'The Triathlon Shop' three years ago and have recently started working there full-time having given up a career in accountancy.

I'm lucky to be in the industry I love and often get to try out kit before it is released. When I do get to play with fun triathlon toys I tend to write a little review about my experiences. I also like to blog about my pathetic attempts to train and the fun I have in the summer racing and supporting all my friends at races.

Chilling on the move

twiggyby twiggyMar 11th 2013
With my knee the way it is at the moment (I have runners knee that refuses to get better!), I struggle to do any running at all without experiencing pain during and after training. I've found that putting ice on my knee after exercise greatly reduces the amount of time that I experience discomfort for.

My first solution was to take an ice pack and a theraband and wrap said elastic strap around the icepack to attach to my knee.
This does work, but I'm left completely immobile for the duration of the icing session and I also look like a bit of a prat.
Chilling on the move
(The cat is an attention seeker!)

My solution has been to invest in some 110% Juggler 3/4s. These are high grade compression leggings that have pockets for ice packs all over them. There is even a handy pocket right where my knee causes me agro!

When I first saw 110% I thought the concept was sound but the product was a little gimicky. It makes sense that the two things you can do to aid recovery is to compress and to ice, however I didnt think the two were necessary in one product.

That was until I needed to regularly ice my knee. As the pic above shows it is not particularly practical to tie an icepack to my knee with a theraband. Now that I have my jugglers I pop them on after any exercise and pack them up with ice wherever I need it. I can even wear my jugglers to exercise in then get the ice in the moment I have finished. It has certainly made it alot easier to religiously ice my knee, and the difference it makes to my recover is significant.

The Jugglers themselves feel very well made and deliver high grade compression. I have used a few different types of compression and these have felt the most comfortable as well as feeling the most compressive (is that a word?!)
Chilling on the move
Hopefully it wont be too long until I will be able to exercise again!
Chilling on the move
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Mar 11th 2013 20:16
Well I've not heard of those before, v clever and dare I say it, almost good looking!
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