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Tri Coaching Blog Page
My thoughts and musings with regards to getting the best out of your training and racing - and enjoying it along the way!


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Coaches are human too!
woodsey96by woodsey96 Apr 2nd 2014
After the last few weeks of posting some more "technical" and thought provoking blogs, here is some of how I've been getting on over the last few months - coaching and training. We're all different in our approaches - but I want to put mine out ther...
Am I training hard enough?
woodsey96by woodsey96 Oct 30th 2013
Late season success or time for a break?
woodsey96by woodsey96 Oct 5th 2013
Time part 2: Organising yourself (or how not to procrastinate!)
woodsey96by woodsey96 Sep 28th 2013
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