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Today is my big day since I found triblogs, this great platform, hope I can find some friends here. I am a sports fans. Great platform, http://www.triblogs.com/...
Dec 15th 2018 by macooxi USA
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After persistent hints from a friend to enter a road race, to be precise, Harriet from my local cycling club, I signed up for what I thought would be a relative easy 40k ride around the Thruxton race course. The day came and after unloadin...
Aug 28th 2016 by LVere GBR
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Started running around 4 years ago doing 1 minute run 2 minutes walk, I can remember calling a mate and excitedly saying I just ran 7 minutes without stopping! Yes I was that unfit! 4 years later I've run upto hm and cycled London to Paris....
Mar 7th 2015 by nxn2020 GBR
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Bristol Triathlon 2014 29th June 2014 I now know what the term ‘keeping a weather eye’ means. I have probably downloaded four different apps with long range forecasts so I could see what was in store for this years Bristol ...
Aug 13th 2014 by JamesHester GBR
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THE BRUTAL DOUBLE IRON TRIATHLON BUILD UP Firstly let me apologise in advance for the length of this blog. (you may want to read it in two parts). Please cut me some slack, I have trained all year for this race and it did take some time...
Oct 7th 2013 by Ironjedi GBR
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Having completed the swim and bike legs at Challenge Copenhagen as part of a relay team with my wife, Debbie in 2011 and having supported friends at Ironman UK and Ironman Wales in 2012, I suppose that it was inevitable that I would find m...
Aug 16th 2013 by timP GBR
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First race of the year today, Mornington Chasers Regents Park Winter Series 10k. nice and flat and entered it purely because I thought I could run faster time then the recent Twickenham 10k, and I did. Was hoping for 38 minutes but was not ...
Jan 6th 2013 by TriHardAlan GBR
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To say we have now raced across America is something I, and sure the whole TEAMFeat Data Techniques team are quite proud of. It is a monumental undertaking with all the pre-race prep, the training and the race itself it did consume my life ...
Jul 1st 2011 by tigga GBR
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Great day today at Nistos, our nearest XC ski station with the best snow conditions in all the pyrenees for ski de fond. Did some introductory stuff for a couple of local guests who picked up the basic skills very quickly, balance and co-or...
Dec 29th 2010 by Crosstrainer FRA
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I've been saying for a few months now that I wanted to do a half iron distance event to celebrate turning 35 and then a full ironman distance to mark the big 40 but as several former colleagues (and my wife) will testify, what I say and wha...
Dec 16th 2010 by tallguy76 GBR
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I arrived back home yesterday having spent an unhealthy week away. I went out for a cycle/run but after a couple of miles on the bike had a puncture! I am at one with the bike :-) I fixed the trusty steed but I'm not confident the backup...
Sep 17th 2010 by rik GBR
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Grab a cuppa, have a read and before you know it youll be fast asleep! Its my first real attempt at writing a blog, so I apologise if its long winded â€" Im just going to empty some of the memories/thoughts of the last couple of weeks o...
May 8th 2017 by ARedfernArt GBR
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"Crutches and boot for 4 weeks, then boot, then rehab and then if all goes well you might be back to racing in 12 weeks. Oh and make sure you offload (aka rest) the injured foot as much as possible." This is not want you want to hear 3 da...
Jun 24th 2015 by Maria GBR Premium
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Overzicht 2012: 1/4 van Brugge 2013: 1/2 van Brugge 2014: mix van wedstrijden en 2 halve triatlons in 1 maand 2015: Ironman...
Sep 27th 2014 by WouterAelbrecht BEL
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2013 was the year I caught the Triathlon bug in India (luckily no other bugs caught). Since 2009 I have been working on getting in shape and through continuos improvement I have managed to lose nearly 35 lbs of fat. I made most of my p...
Jan 19th 2014 by lubnani GBR Premium
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First of all - big shout out to Justin Robbins @ www.weemancoaching.com who helped me prepare for this race following Henley (my first sprint tri), after drastically helping me improve my running times back in 2011 for the Reading Half it ...
Sep 1st 2013 by leighschvartz GBR
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Well im new to this so here goes! I got in to tri last year after competing in the Dambuster Duathlon, after that i joined Stamford Tri Club, i was encouraged to enter the fearfull world of blowing bubbles under water and tried my hardest t...
Mar 7th 2013 by DazzaTri72 GBR
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Well I think I am slowly bring myself back into the habit of training, this week is the highest weekly mileage cover since last September (after the failure of getting to the Esplanade). However my biggest problem is because the main IM Wa...
Jan 8th 2012 by DragonRunner GBR
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Welcome to K2 Sports, dedicated to delivering quality Triathlon and other sports events in Bristol and the South West....
Feb 12th 2011 by K2Sports GBR
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Firstly, loving the snow! I didn't have the greatest time of things towards the end of last week, as I spent a good part of Thursday in-and-out of Hospital and Doctor's surgeries trying to get treatment for a fever and badly swollen and ...
Dec 20th 2010 by mhowood GBR
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Plyometrics - Build Your Running Speed and Power (by Rick Morris) Plyometrics are exercises that require your muscles to reach peak force in a very short amount of time. They will improve your speed, power and running economy. You should...
Nov 24th 2010 by roborob GBR
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Raced the pro's, what other sport can you do that in if your cack swim went well drafted pros fior about 3secs then did swim in 38:40 got out felt relaxed and t2 was smooth too. Bike started well, went passed mate steve early on all goin...
May 30th 2010 by trilifedb GBR Premium
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