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Yes i know...many of you are probably rolling your eyes at the name of this entry. Really, another bad triathlon joke? Oh well, a joke like this never fails to bring a smile to my face. I'm not exactly sure how this whole blogging thing is...
Apr 3rd 2015 by JadePorubek USA
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Bristol Triathlon 2014 29th June 2014 I now know what the term ‘keeping a weather eye’ means. I have probably downloaded four different apps with long range forecasts so I could see what was in store for this years Bristol ...
Aug 13th 2014 by JamesHester GBR
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So I've finally done it..... After months of the idea niggling at me I finally signed up for my first Ironman tri. It was a big decision. I had been thinking it over seriously since I completed my first middle distance tri in June- the gr...
Jul 25th 2014 by triphysio88 GBR
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So here I am sitting on a plane on the way back from a very relaxing and alcohol fuelled week in Spain where I didn’t even take my trainers out of the suitcase and thinking OMG I have 9 weeks tomorrow until my first half ironman! Ask ...
Jul 19th 2014 by tddumbarton GBR
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My boyfriend is gently encouraging me to participate in Triathlon, however, he conveniently seems to be ignoring the fact I can barely swim, have a mountain bike with flat 'knobbly' tyres and rusted chain. On top of all this I believe (bei...
Jun 16th 2014 by GSheppard GBR
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For the last 2 years I have been supporting a mad cap set of chaps who have set their sights over many years to punish their bodies for personal gratification and charity. The journey can be followed at Along the w...
Jun 10th 2014 by treemad GBR
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Weekly training summary...
Apr 20th 2014 by mzn710 GBR
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Who am I? Hello everyone! I thought I'd start my blog with a brief introduction of who I am, where I'm from and all the boring details. So, my name is Akhil Viz and I am originally from Gibraltar. For those of you who do not know whe...
Aug 1st 2013 by akhilviz GBR
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That's a question I get asked a lot. This month marks my 25th anniversary of being a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old so I have been living with my Diabetes for pretty much all of my life. I guess I am pretty experie...
Apr 17th 2013 by Eva29 GBR
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So welcome to my blog and attempt at sharing and learning more about training when someone has a specific body type which is ectomorph. If you don't quite understand the term then go to weblink 1 which is wikipedia's description. In lay ma...
Jan 10th 2013 by thinman GBR
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I am using the insanity programme to get back fit. Day 1 and fit test completed, oh dear this is gonna hurt. It was only 25 mins. Alex my partner who is 6 foot, fit and lean chucked a whitey and took over an hour to recover!! I did mine an...
May 15th 2011 by Hannah1234 GBR
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Var riktigt orolig inför detta lopp pga vårens skador. Muskelbristningar 3 ggr i våras. Började att löpa igen i Augusti och det har inte gått så bra som jag hoppats. Ena dagen 2 steg framåt och nästa dag 2 steg b...
Sep 27th 2014 by jofa70 SWE
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I may not be an Olympic athlete but I am no stranger to hard work and training. I must admit that Triathlons in thought seemed to really intimidate me ever since I was a young athlete. I had never seen one in person till recently and than...
Jul 28th 2014 by makinmoves USA
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We hope the following link will help you with all your training leading up to next event and beyond, Kind regards, Pinnacle Team. Visit our website, we have lots of fantastic information that may help with your training., http://www...
Jul 22nd 2014 by pinnaclept GBR
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After months and months of anticipation, today I completed the first 2% of my trip. Even though it chucked it down all day, it felt amazing. Firstly, there was the overwhelming sense of relief that 'a day' is a very manageable thing. No...
Jun 22nd 2014 by 1000miles GBR
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Having signed up for the Cotswold Classic Middle Distance (half iron) event on 31 was time to train...with only 11 weeks to RACE DAY (yikes!) and little base fitness to speak of today was the first day on the road to success! By '...
Jun 11th 2014 by heidinkaty GBR
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2 days until training begins!...
Apr 29th 2014 by joshjmanning USA
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Over the past ten years I've dabbled in the world of fitness with my enthusiasm ranging from "I can't wait to exercise every day" to "I know I should do some exercise but a glass of wine would be nicer". As a teenager I was always active b...
Dec 22nd 2013 by macuk GBR
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I'm supposed to be on a taper week training wise ready for the Cotswold Triathlon at the weekend, but when a friend of mine did a 2.3 mile ride last night just to equal a KOM on a Strava Segment I couldn't help but get out there and do the ...
May 9th 2013 by justal GBR
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Training for Challenge Fuerteventura is going well, or at least going, and whilst I need a few more long rides and runs under my belt to feel confident in my endurance, I am at least confident that I'm heading in the right direction. A...
Feb 7th 2013 by ritatris GBR
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Hello! First I suppose I should introduce myself and my sporting background (or lack of it). Im in my mid-twenties, female and have no history of competing or training for any sport to speak of. Aged 18 I went off to uni in Cornwall to...
Oct 27th 2012 by twiggy GBR
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Have decided to undertake the DW (125 mile canoe race) at Easter next year. Lots of things could go wrong before then, but it feels so good to have an aim and a definitive goal. Along the way there will be some Waterside Races and hopefully...
Dec 19th 2010 by crawlingkiwi GBR
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