2006 Tri Bikes

RDodgson  Apr 20th 2006 at 22:08
What type/make of bike will people be racing on this year? Santa was very good to me, so I will be racing on a QR Lucero with Mavic Cosmic Carbon\'s...a very nice bike and a bit of a change from the £100 Raleigh I started on 7 years ago.
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harderfasterstronger  Apr 23rd 2006 at 17:13
QR Ti-Phoon for me

getting 10 speed dura ace fitted tomorrow!
RichG  Apr 24th 2006 at 18:29
I would have been a Litespeed Vortex but the titanium seems to be faulty and its developed a crack in the Frame - grrrrr!!!

Hopefully its on the way back to the US right now for what seems t be alengthy repair/replacement process (up to 2.5 months!!!)

...so I will be back on the Raleigh until it comes back - unless anyone has a decent stand in to sell me?
Oziem  May 5th 2006 at 13:07
I wish I could afford one, but my phd grant has run out and i now only have enough income to afford food and races.
"Must tri harder"
harderfasterstronger  May 13th 2006 at 17:06
just bought special s an specialized s works transition

very nice indeed

i have just put 2006 dura ace on my qr ti phoon
alfredo839  May 26th 2006 at 22:30
well until i win the lotto its me 2nd hand peugot 40 quid i can imagine it being pretty flash 20 yrs ago however ive been reliably informed it aint the bike its all in the legs when i win the lotto it will be one of those qr caliente
kev  Sep 26th 2006 at 20:37
for 2007 will be on a planet-x t.t
Kevster269  Sep 30th 2006 at 15:10
Just got a 2007 Specialized Transition. Its much faster than me and looks better too, I hate it!!
Now the bad weather has hit Cornwall I put it in the garage and just look at it :-)
Kevster269  Sep 30th 2006 at 15:10
Just got a 2007 Specialized Transition. Its much faster than me and looks better too, I hate it!!
Now the bad weather has hit Cornwall I put it in the garage and just look at it :-)
SteveB  Oct 23rd 2006 at 20:42
Hi all
Anybody out there riding a Scott Plasma? Your thoughts would be great. I ride a Scott S30 road bike, a very solid ride. I haven\'t seen many people in my area on Scott bikes so any feedback would be great!
dalebobtribags  Nov 3rd 2006 at 22:31
I would be riding a steel Jeff Bruce custom built frame but unfortunately it has gone and got bent by my dad who rides it for cyclo cross - im riding on a kona jake the snake at the moment and thats ok at the moment
j22jwj  Nov 6th 2006 at 21:28
I\'ll be on my new Specialized Roubaix comp. Very nice bike and comfortable aswell.
Slow_Bike  Jan 5th 2007 at 13:29
I have turned into a Cervelo nut... :-)

P3C for TT & Triathlon
R3 for Road Racing/pack riding
SteveB  Jan 6th 2007 at 23:03
Happy New Year all!

I am totally Scott mad!!

Ride S30 everyday commute and long training rides and have recently acquired a CR1 Plasma Pro.
DAVESKY  Jan 17th 2007 at 16:41
I have a 2003 Cannodale Ironman 2000, only used twice as have upgraded from my Trek 1000.

morgan26  Jan 18th 2007 at 19:38
currently on Trek 1000. Looking to upgrade before UK 70.3 (depending on cash flow!).
morgan26  Jan 20th 2007 at 17:04
Have seen a good deal on a 2006 Felt S32 Tri bike.
Does anyone know of any reviews that I can take a look at?

tripyrenees  Jan 21st 2007 at 07:52
I will be on a Planet X TT this season and it makes it alot easier to say that when my wife will also be on a similar machine.

Double the cost but half the pain ;o)
morgan26  Mar 6th 2007 at 17:35
Just ordered a 2006 model QR Kilo, again another good deal from Tri-Uk!
johnm45  Apr 16th 2007 at 09:46
Just got a Trek 1200 to replace my aging steel Dawes (only cost £30 a few years ago and got me started in triathlon but a bit like driving a Morris Minor in a F1 Grand Prix!!). The Trek is a triple (got a few serious hills in my area!) and goes like a train. Thrilled to bits with it.
Oziem  Apr 16th 2007 at 10:04
I\'ve opted for a road bike

[img src= http://www.comptoncycles.co.uk/smsimg/3/mf5916_07_6.jpg]

(thanks to my sponsor fredbakercycles.co.uk for making it affordable)
"Must tri harder"
RichG  Apr 17th 2007 at 00:14
I saw a Trek TCR in a bike shop here in Beijing (brand new I might add) with Ultegra components, fairly basic aero wheels it must be said - 1200 quid!!
AndyB  Apr 17th 2007 at 12:01
I am riding this one this year and I will still beat you Dave!

[Old Url]
Blog: Yellow bikes are the fastest?! triblogs.com/blog/AndyB/ http://www.escoach.co.uk Twitter: www.twitter.com/andybtricoach
RichG  Apr 18th 2007 at 00:06
Nicw Wheels!!!!

OK, OK...

How do you put pictures in?

is it like this?

Why can\'t the triblogs community train together?

RichG  Apr 18th 2007 at 00:07
darn! clearly not!!
Oziem  Apr 18th 2007 at 12:20
[img src=" http://www.circus-online.co.uk/images/Homepage/GirlsOnBike.jpg"]

you need to type

(img src=" http://www.circus-online.co.uk/images/Homepage/GirlsOnBike.jpg")

but with square brackets instead of the normal brakets.
"Must tri harder"
RichG  Apr 19th 2007 at 00:23
I like it how everyone on the bike is smiling - apart from the girl at the very front sittingon the handlebars

\"No seriously!!! right a little more, go on... on.... OK now HARD LEFT!!!!\"
Oziem  Apr 19th 2007 at 17:12
My bike purchase has fallen through because they don\'t have any left in the world :(! Going to try and pick out a different bike tomorrow.
"Must tri harder"
kittoph  May 8th 2007 at 16:52
principia ellipse sx for racing (road race and tri)


steel frame single speed (48*18 or 48*16) for training and maybe the odd flat tt / tri if the retro cool cycling thing feels right on the day!

grennan  Jun 4th 2007 at 12:27
Picked up a month or so ago a Trek equinox 7. Trek kindly upgraded the wheelset to Bontrager aerolite. Very happy so far.
Teppo  Jul 19th 2007 at 15:27
How about Valdora PHX. Got it few months ago and it\'s runs like dream...

Check it on valdoracycles.com
tripapa  Aug 27th 2007 at 08:27
New to the site, but LOVE IT! I just bought a Valdora PHX also and have been extremely happy with it the few times I have had a chance to ride it. Been over 100 degrees F here and races and training has come to a halt. My roadie is a Cannondale Caad 9. Like it a lot as well!!! I use it for most of my races this year.
Teppo  Aug 28th 2007 at 13:31
I had Cannondale R900 before someone smashed it.. :(
You guys lucky there. Here in London it's been raining all summer and we had like two weeks when weather was good. Not hot but didn't rain. I've started growing fins... ;)
Planning to do my 125 mile ride next weekend. Not to test bike but my bottom.
Guest  Nov 8th 2007 at 08:40
'07 EMC2 Fluide...

Its a really responsive bike but I'm going to have to change the bars to carbon due to the vibration from really poor roads making a couple of previously injured thumbs fairly uncomfortable....
Guest  Nov 8th 2007 at 08:55
...and Eric's even signed it for me...
Joely7634  Nov 27th 2007 at 12:47
Hi all,

Say hypothetically you had around 1200-1400 to spend on a speed machine for your first tiathlon what would you buy?????

Anyone got a le monde??
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