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Brick  Apr 6th 2007 at 20:34
Hi All,

I\'m building up to the Bala Middle Distance Tri in 8 weeks. I want to build up by brick sessions and wondered if anyone had any advice on this over the next 8 weeks.

With the cycle being 50miles and the run 13miles, I wondered what people would advise in terms of \'brick\' sessions?

Should I build them up to a certain distance over the coming weeks, e.g

20 mile cycle + 4 mile run then
25/30 cycle + 7/8 mile run and so on????

Would be intrigued to know what other people do?


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SteveB  Apr 9th 2007 at 15:48
Hi Mark

I\'m preparing for Ironman UK 70.3 and have been doing a few brick sessions over the last few weeks. I tend to train on time rather than distance, and keep them fairly low on the intensity of effort scale. Now we\'re in race season and I\'ve done a couple of sprint tris with some more over the next few weeks, I\'m using these as extended brick sessions.
I usually bike for an hour and then run for 30 minutes. Or I have done 2 hour rides and then run for 20 minutes. I mix it up a fair bit just to keep it more interesting. I think the main thing is just getting used to running off the bike. I don\'t think the distance on bricks is as important as focussing on the way the body adapts to coming out of one discipline into another. That said, I\'m sure there is a better qualified person to talk about this who will no doubt correct me!!
I\'ve also done combinations of short bikes and runs which is good for adaptation and also a few swims followed by a bike session. Obviously swim to bike is hard as you can\'t really replicate transition when at your local pool and you got to get your bike and it\'s all locked up and you got a rucsac full of gear! But biking after a swim is good to do too.
Hope this helps

All the Best
mmochan  Apr 9th 2007 at 17:27
Hi Mark,

I\'ve completed 2 London Olympic triathlons and now training for the Switzerland Ironman 70.3 in June ( 7 weeks 5 days to go). I\'ve also signed up up for the Monaco 70.3 in September.

Similar to Steve my Brick workouts as an example would be a 1 hour bike ride followed by a 30 min run.

I\'ve just completed week 12 of a 20 week training programme and started my brick workouts at 45 min ride and 15 min run.

The emphasis being on conditioning the body for coming off the bike and into the run.

On a side note - I\'m a new member to this site and think it\'s fantastic - Well done to those involved

Brick  Apr 13th 2007 at 20:50
Thanks, guys.

That\'s very useful advice.

I\'ll do a 1 hour bike followed by a 30 minute run tis Sunday. See how that goes...?
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