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kevinhale24  Feb 23rd 2009 at 12:42

I've been training since 1st January, as my New Year's resolution is to complete a sprint distance triathlon this year. I now find myself with a place in the Blenheim Triathlon 6th/7th June. Scary!

Anyway, I have a few area's were I could do with some advice.

1. When I first started training, I weighted in at 95kg. Having now completed 7 weeks training, whilst controlling what I eat, I weight in at 95kg! Is that normal? I know that I can be building muscle mass while losing body fat but did anyone else find that their weight didn't change when they first began training?

I think I need to lose about 10kg to be at my ideal weight, my height is 184cm (6 ft 1/2 in). Can anyone give me an idea if that's about right based on your own height? (Obviously understanding that we are all different shapes but just as a guide).

2. The Blenheim Tri is an open water swim. I would like to practice open water swimming before the event, for obvious reasons, but can't find anywhere. Does anyone know of a location around the Banbury area?

3. I also plan to do the Tewkesbury sprint, in May, as a warm up for Blenheim and to calm my nerves about the transitions! This is a pool swim. Do people generally tumble turn (I hope that's the correct term)?

Thank you,

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Wilko  Feb 23rd 2009 at 15:03
Welcome to the wonderful world of Tri!

I started to train about May/June last year as I thought I was getting a bit too unfit, and I am loving the training.

In response to your questions, and based on advice I have been given:

1. You won’t lose weight overnight. As it seems you are aware it all depends on your body type. You will also be developing more muscle in the place of fat. You will soon see that there are all shapes and sizes of people involved in multisports so in your first year I wouldn’t get too hung up on weight and concentrate on eating high quality carbs and low in saturated fats. By virtue of training and eating right you will naturally lose the weight over time. I found having one day a week where I could eat whatever was really great – something to look forward to.

2. I am doing Blenheim too, I believe there are training days being run by the organisers for open water swimming so may be try and get on one of those? How about entering some stand alone open water swimming competitions so you don’t have to worry about transition or then getting out and cycling?

3. Personally, I have been doing other events such as Aquathlons and Duathlons. I have found it has helped me to work on different aspects of transition, such as continuing to work hard after a swim or the changeover bike to run. Brick sessions are good too, this is where you say go for a bike ride and have your trainers ready to do a mock transition before running round the block for say 10-15 mins.

With regards tumble turns (or the American ‘flip turn’ if you see some on Youtube), there is a mix. The more experienced swimmers will do them, but if you are out of practice it can cause you more problems that it solves. I would say go with whatever you are comfortable with, but in the longer term will probably be beneficial to learn how to tumble turn.

Good luck with training and your first venture into competitions.

kevinhale24  Feb 24th 2009 at 07:40
Hello Wilko.

I like your idea of entering standalone swimming competitions. It's something I had not thought of and seems really obvious now! I'll also check out the training days for Blenheim.

Good luck, and thanks.
mbeveridge  Feb 24th 2009 at 17:37

1. I'm about 5'11'' and 71kg. I think my weight dropped a bit when I started Tri training, but not much. As you say - all sorts of different body shapes and levels in the sport mean those metrics are only useful for me (not you) :)

2. Don't know

3. No - I think few people tumble turn, because (1) most people can't and (2) there isn't room for those people who can, as you're sharing the lane. If you can do them, I think tumble turns are used more in training (rather than races)

Good luck with it!
kevinhale24  Jul 23rd 2009 at 13:48
I thought it was only right to let you know how I got on.

I finished the Blenheim Triathlon in a time of 01:50:21. To be honest, the time wasn’t an issue for me but I didn't think it was overly bad. (debatable?) The run let me down big style, 36:08; I just ran out of gas and had a terrible stitch all the way round. The good thing now is that I know my weakness, I don’t think it’s something you can truly learn from just your training.

Anyway, I fancy a go at Windsor next year and Blenheim 2010 is already in my diary………does that mean I’ve got the bug?

Thanks for the advice,
Flan  Jul 25th 2009 at 09:09
Good effort. The old saying of train hard race easy is very true for tri. A stitch is a nightmare and it can be quite hard to pin point why you get them. I use to get them but I think you just adapt to the effort from training and racing

I missed your post (in time for your race) but there is open water swimming at near Bedford or Market Bosworth. I'm not sure about anywhere closer to Banbury

On the weight issue, don't over do it on the carbs and energy drinks. Anything up to an hour just use water. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of veg, fruit and ballance the carbs and protien. I am about the same height as you and hover around 82kg but as others have said body type is big factor

Keep it up!
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