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Brick  Jun 13th 2007 at 22:19
I\'m competing in the Helvellyn triathlon in Sept.

I\'m a bit clueless when it come to understanbing gear ratios, sprockets and chain sets.

I ride a Colago Primerva.

The bike ride contains a section at Ambleside which is called \'The Struggle\'. It is a 1300 foot ascent in only 3 miles. Approx 1 in 3.

Can anyone advise on what they believe my gear ratios should be????????
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SteveB  Jun 13th 2007 at 23:02
My god, I know that hill from when I used to live in Blackpool and visit the Lakes regularly.
My advice is to walk up!!!
In all seriousness, there are sections of it which are very steep, but there is a lot which is not too bad. I would seriously consider adding another chainring to the front mech, and going with a triple.
For those kinds of climbs, pride goes out the window and it\'s whatever can get you up! Sometimes getting off is not a bad option , as you can often walk up a very steep incline quicker than you can ride up it.
simon  Jun 14th 2007 at 20:40
what you might find usefull is a gear development chart at you would need to count the teeth on the bigest sprocket and the chainring (39?)
Flan  Jul 3rd 2007 at 22:00
I have done the Helvelyn 3 x and will be there again this September. I get up the struggle on a 39 x 27.

Big tip: get into this gear at the mini roundabout in Ambleside sit back in the saddle and go for it. This is the hard part and goes on for a while, the Struggle is at the end of the climb but there is a flat section before the final effort.

Brick  Jul 5th 2007 at 23:20

Thanks for that.

Do you zig zag up?

How long roughly does it take to get from top to bottom?

Does everyone stop at some point?

Flan  Jul 8th 2007 at 14:52
Hi Brick

No Zig Zag for me, I just slide my backside to the back of the saddle and grind away. There is trafic so try and keep to the left.

People do stop but its difficult to clip back in

btw the picture is me making my way up Helvellyn.

In effort terms its not far off a half IM

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