Bucklers Hard & Seaford Tri's

Duane Pipe  Jul 23rd 2007 at 16:54
Duane Pipe
Firstly let me say that I\'ve no commercial connection with these two events. I\'m just putting them on here as my bit for tri public service (there\'s a first time for everything).

I\'m a 45+ age grouper usually found somewhere at the back in races. That doesn\'t stop me enjoying them tho\' or being able to recommend events. I\'ve done a few now including London (it ok, I was ahead of Tim Don at the start and I had \'im worried, but then the gun went). I\'d have to say, however, that for VFM (value for money) and sheer right level of organisation and fun these two events are great.

Bucklers Hard is a sprint event that takes place at Beaulieu (New Forest). It was put on there this year for the first time by Beacon Leisure see www.beascon.leisure.co.uk. A very very picturesque course. The swim was in a small inlet, while the bike is a loop on an undulating course and the run is challenging mixed terrain that but mainly tramac.

Seaford Nr Eastbourne, is 6 races in two days at the beginning of Sept. There\'s a choice of Fun tri\'s, sprint and olympic. It is part of the UK Tri series see www.fun2tri.co.uk. It\'s a Sea swim followed by fast, flat, traffic free, bike and run loop courses. It\'s my home town so I\'d have to say the event is good but when the weather\'s right there are fewer venues that competitors and their fans, groupies and mates could be at for a fun low key race.

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