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Charting bug

sorbukar  Aug 16th 2009 at 11:30
If you do "up to today" and group by "month" it show up to the previous month. For example, viewing this today (16th August) shows a chart from July 2008 to July 2009. Just needs to shift along a month to include the current month.
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Oziem  Aug 19th 2009 at 10:18
Thanks mate, will adjust on Friday.
"Must tri harder"
Oziem  Aug 21st 2009 at 13:40
Hows that looking now? I think it should be fixed
"Must tri harder"
sorbukar  Aug 24th 2009 at 11:43
Hi Dave,

The data looks right now thanks. The x-axis labels are slightly confusing for week/month etc. but that not serious. I'm guessing it shows the middle date of the period which kind of makes sense.

sorbukar  Sep 5th 2009 at 08:04
Hi Dave,

Just checked again today and it's still missing off the last day (on daily charts). For example, I've just recorded this mornings run and I'm looking at a chart of 20 results for average speed on run sessions "up to today" grouped by day. The chart only shows dates and runs up to yesterday.

Oziem  Sep 10th 2009 at 19:18
Hows it looking now?

"Must tri harder"
sorbukar  Sep 19th 2009 at 17:39
Perfect. Cheers.
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