Cost of the Ironman 2008

Brick  Nov 8th 2007 at 22:59
Could someone explain to me why the Ironman costs so much to enter?

Is £245 for next year's race a bit too much.

You are doing 2 loops of the swim. 3 loops of the run.

Why is it so much more expensive than any other race?
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edwarma  Nov 16th 2007 at 12:36
You're paying for the brand. IM-branded races are protected by WTC or whoever they're called, and like any brand its there to make money - whether this benefits the sport or not is up for discussion but that's the principle.

The organisers will say that by entering a IM-branded race you're also buying assurance of quality.

Plus, it seems to be widely accept that in order to call yourself an 'ironman' (tho why one should wish to do this in public I have no idea!), you need to have completed an IM-branded race within the cut-off. Plenty of people want this kudos, and high demand = charge a lot!

Flan  Nov 17th 2007 at 19:25
Its a lot of dosh

Hire of the venue- Most venues are booked for a week
Police / Road closures
IM Branding!!!!!!!
Infrastructure (racks,tents, etc)

€300 seems to be the norm for IM and €200 for non IM branded races.

I get more peed off paying £30-40 for a sprint. £ per hour IM races are much better value

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