Cumulative work loads

Steven  Jan 26th 2008 at 21:39
One of the best things about triblogs is being able to look at your hours of training by week to help you plan the next week or so

At the moment you select the day to start your week but then you always get from mon-mon or sat-sat. However when planning what I'm going to do today I take into account what I've done in the last few days.

I would love to see a graph/chart showing me how many hours I had done in the last 4 days for example but could show me what I had done over a 4 day period, on each day of the last few weeks (make sense?)

I feel it would be a really good marker of recent training load and recovery days and could give you a good sense of whether you were ready for a big session or needed an easy session

You could then decide whether to opt for a 3 day sum of hours or a 10 day sum depending on how quickly you recover. The figures would be fairly meaningless but the smoother curves on the chart would reflect the way your body deals with overload and recovery

I hope this makes sense and doesn't just seem like I'm being lazy in looking at my recent sessions, but I feel it could be a genuinely useful tool

Thanks and I look forward to the new triblogs
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