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Rubaflo  Sep 10th 2009 at 22:27
Two enhancement requests:

1- Would be really nice to be able to export the diary information from the "List" view for storing on computer

2 - When setting up a long term training plan it would be nice to be able to import a training schedule to the Plan rather then individually adding exercises

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Oziem  Sep 15th 2009 at 18:21
Hi Adam,

Yes I am looking into importing data, although I haven't decided on the best way.

I have just added an export button on the diary list page (see the white disk)
- I'm aware that it only outputs in km at the moment but that is on my issue list

"Must tri harder"
Oziem  Sep 29th 2009 at 16:30
Hi Adam,

I've just finished a data importer for peoples diary sessions. I will use a similar mechanism for plan data. I should have that available within a month.

"Must tri harder"
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