Dillon The Cat  Jun 29th 2006 at 20:44
Dillon The Cat
Hi There - what a great site. It has allowed me to check and update my training from any of my PCs - home and work. Cool !

It would be great if it was possible top record what gear was used during a training session - e.g which running shoes, or which bike. Two reasons for this request :-
1. It would be great to know how many miles since the last pair of new running shoes, or bike service, etc
2. It would be good to compare different gear and see results (e.g. road bike versus MTB)

I suppose for this to work, gear could be entered against the profile, and then just selected from a dropdown/dropdowns on the training entry.

Anyhow, thanks again for the site - I\'m just off to make a donation.
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Oziem  Jun 30th 2006 at 08:24

Yes that is something we have considered and will appear eventually.
"Must tri harder"
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