Good Running Shoes?

criley2  May 27th 2007 at 17:00
The running gear section looked a little wanting so I figured I would post a question.

I was wondering what a good shoe is for someone with pretty high arches? The run-of-the-mill running shoe does not seem to cut it for me in terms of arch support..

I just recently bought a new pair of ADIDAS running shoes and they seem to have excellent support. So just wondered if anyone knew of any other particular make and model of mainstream (cheap) shoe that would give some good arch support? The shoe would be solely for running training too.

Thanks guys.
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SteveB  Jun 13th 2007 at 23:14

Brooks and Asics make number of pairs of good shoes, from stability to full on motion control shoes.
Personally I would never buy cheap off the rail shoes, and I always get mine fitted properly as will most other guys and gals on here. My local running shop has a treadmill with gait analysis video, excellent tool, and they always know exactly what shoe to put me in. I\'ve built a good relationship with them over the last 2 years and I always trust them to give me the best shoe. And it\'s not always the most expensive one!
Due to alsorts of circumstances, running positions can change over time slightly and I find that over the last 18 months I have gone through 3 different makes of shoe as my running style has adapted and I have recovered from knee injury.
So in general, hard to recommend one type of shoe, but best you go check out a good running store and see what they can advise.
sorbukar  Mar 15th 2008 at 14:56
I just moved from heavily cushioned shoe to one with pretty much solid heels. It has made a huge difference to my running. I'm not saying that is right for you but rather that you should get someone who knows to advise.

A good running shop that videos you on a treadmill and lets you try out lots of shoes over a decent distance on a treadmill is an absolute must. I tried out the top of the range Asics and thought they were incredibly comfortable. After running 1k on the treadmill I realised they were hurting my achilles tendon. The ones I eventually bought felt tight around the heels when I started. After 1k I felt like I was running barefoot.
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